BankOne Fraud

Fraud accounts for millions of dollars in cost for consumers and banks annually. It’s no wonder your customers seek a higher standard of security from you now more than ever. Fortunately,¬†Fitech offers fraud and security services designed to provide improved fraud prevention capabilities that benefit both financial institutions and your customers.


Intelligent Authentication – Multi-factor authentication solution to prevent unauthorized online access. Complies with FFIEC guidelines for strong authentication.

BankOne Fraud – Centralized fraud detection and integrated case manager system that analyzes payments and flags suspicious transactions.

Fraud Detection System – Reports suspicious online banking activity before it escalates into fraud, identity theft or other crimes.

Security Education – Tools, techniques, workshops, security reviews and code-level review services.

  • Detect phishing early before customers receive fraudulent e-mail.
  • Daily report for all suspicious activity on the web.
  • Analyze web logs generated by hundreds of servers.