BankOne Mobile Payment

The world’s best mobile banking and mobile payment solutions.

To Fitech customers, our world-leading capabilities deliver compelling ROI performance outcomes, including:

  • The highest adoption and usage metrics in the industry, migrating channel costs whilst enhancing customer retention,
  • Reduced total cost of ownership for the mobile channel, through decreased technology and process complexity,
  • Managed risk through leveraging people and implementation methodologies proven with Fortune 500 banks.


Mobile Access to Banking and Payments. Anytime. Anywhere.
A recent survey reported strong interest among consumers in using their mobile devices to access accounts: 75 percent said they would consider using mobile banking services if available.

Universal Reach with All-In-One Mobile Banking and Payments Solution
Mobile Money from Fitech is the industry’s only all-in-one mobile banking and payments solution for “right-channeling” customers. Depending on the needs of the consumer, this solution enables organizations to reach more consumers via the mobile channel through its native support of all three mobile access modes – through a single platform:

  1. iOS
  2. Android application

Multi-Channel Enrollment Capabilities
Mobile Money, powered by M-Com, also offers a multi-channel enrollment capability. It enables your organization to enroll offline consumers via the mobile device, branch or contact center, as well as reaching existing online banking users.


Maximizes ROI by Driving Users to a Lower-Cost Channel
Channeling consumers from offline to the lower cost-to-serve mobile channel can open a new targeted segment for financial institutions. Mobile payments, including mobile wallet, point-of-sale payments and person-to-person payments supporting multiple payment types, will offer new ways to generate additional business opportunities while lowering operating costs.

Consolidated Customer Care, Systems Management, Security and Reporting
Mobile Money is a scalable mobile solution that leverages your existing online security infrastructure, including existing credential management capabilities. It also provides consolidated customer care and reporting across both the online and mobile channels, thus lowering the total cost of ownership and providing a better overall experience for your customer.