BankOne Online – Omni – Channel Consumer Banking

A new generation of integrated online financial services has arrived Introducing BankOne ® Online

BankOne from Fitech is a fully integrated consumer online banking and bill pay experience that includes robust personal money management and other value-added services.

Enable your users to:

  • Conduct nearly 90 percent of all daily financial management tasks from a single page, including online banking, bill pay, money movement, personal financial management and more
  • Leverage simple features and analysis tools to better control how best to spend their money
  • View your financial institution as the single resource they can rely upon to fully manage their household finances
  • Set preferences and alerts that alleviate security concerns and help them better influence how you interact with them – through the online channel and other vehicles, such as a mobile device

When you partner with Fitech you leverage:

  • A proven track record in powering online financial services and creating avid end users for more banks, credit unions and brokerage firms than any other provider in the country
  • Best practices that are the result of ongoing investments in user experience research and testing, technology innovation and operational quality
  • The ability to apply real-time intelligence to each online interaction through vast consumer insights and a cross-solution network of behavioral and transactional data
  • The connectivity and technology necessary to deploy solutions in a way that is flexible to your business resources and needs

BankOne Business Banking

BankOne Consumer Banking from Fistech enables financial institutions to provide their customers best-in-class Internet banking. It provides a compelling online experience, from simple account review to sophisticated payment, transfer and self-service functionality. BankOne Consumer Banking is deployed on the industry-leading BankOne platform, providing unsurpassed scalability, performance and reliability.

Key features of the BankOne Consumer Banking experience include:

Online Enrollment
Lowers adoption barriers by allowing customers to enroll in Internet banking directly from the financial institution’s website.


Secure Single Sign-On
BankOne Consumer Banking enables seamless integration across consumer accounts and other lines of business, so customers can access all products and services seamlessly, with a single sign-on.

Bill Payment & Presentment
BankOne Consumer Banking provides the convenience of pay-anyone capability. With this functionality, customers can receive bills electronically and schedule immediate, future-dated, and recurring payments.

Realtime Alerts
BankOne Consumer Banking provides alerts for balance and transaction thresholds, successful or unsuccessful payments, and payment due information and can notify a customer in realtime on the most convenient device.

Integrated Self-Service
BankOne Consumer Banking lets customers make online customer service inquiries, open new accounts, change their online user ID and password, reorder checks, stop payments, update personal information, and create reports.

Realtime Intra-Institution Money Movement
BankOne Consumer Banking enables real-time, future-dated and recurring transfers between accounts within the institution. Customers can view pending and scheduled transfers, transfer history and sort the information any way they choose.

Personal Financial Management Integration
PFM users benefit from fully synchronized OFX, so regardless of where they choose to manage their payments information, it is available both online and within their PFM, without the need to rekey information.

Account Aggregation
BankOne Consumer Banking delivers account aggregation for account balances and history from thousands of financial institutions, including banks, credit card companies, and brokerage firms. This aggregated data can also be warehoused. This information enables financial institutions to create effective cross-selling campaigns based on a thorough understanding of customer spending and investment behavior.

Online Register
BankOne Consumer Banking supplies a full-featured online account register. This functionality presents individual account detail in a check register-like view. Customers can annotate their transactions and assign them to categories (e.g. utilities, groceries, and rent) and run reports to compare their expenditures against budget.

Integrated Customer Care
BankOne Consumer Banking enables customer service representatives to deliver world-class customer service. Customer service representatives can take action on a customer’s behalf to resolve issues or even co-browse with a customer to build customer confidence and ensure greater self-service in the future.

Flexible Deployment
BankOne supports multilingual and multicurrency deployment, enabling the design of the user experience to accommodate any language and currency.

Account-to-Account Funds Transfer
BankOne Consumer Banking allows account-to-account funds transfers, so customers can quickly move funds between financial institutions, without the need to write checks.

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